Thursday, July 7, 2011

How to “Adapt and Overcome”

“Adapt and Overcome” is the motto Urban Search and Rescue lives by.

Texas Task Force 1, the state’s primary search and rescue team and one of 28 federal teams in the national urban search and rescue system, has been dispatched for state and national emergencies ─ probing the devastation at Ground Zero and saving lives on the Gulf Coast in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Members are trained for ground, water, and air missions throughout Texas and the nation.

In Bud Force’s book Texas Task Force 1: Urban Search and Rescue, readers get an intimate picture of Texas Task Force 1 at work as he follows the team on their major deployments and documents their specialized equipment and training, including time spent at the unique facility known as Disaster City. The result is a lively mix of history, interviews, and photographs that paints a fascinating portrait of these courageous people — and their canine partners — who place themselves in danger in order to save others.

Texas Task Force 1 hits stores in August! Order your own copy here!

With 289 color photos, readers get a truly inside look on how to “adapt and overcome.”

Enjoy these exclusive photos from the book:

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