Tuesday, November 17, 2009

E. Joe Deering Live on Fox 7 Austin!

Nik Ciccone of Fox 7 Austin is interviewing E. Joe Deering, author of Lovin' That Lone Star Flag (TAMU Press, 2009), this morning, live from the Capitol Visitors Center!

The interview will air intermittently throughout the Fox 7 morning live news broadcast here.

Also, see inside this book!

E. Joe Deering talks to Nik Ciccone about how he gathered this shot of a Lone Star flag-clad Cadillac in front of the state capitol.

E. Joe and Nik are flanked by Texas paraphernalia at the Capitol Visitors Center, as E. Joe tells Nic about Texans' affinity for the image of the state flag.

When Loyola University in New Orleans found out about E. Joe's project, they gave him "carte blanche" to photograph its graduation.

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