Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pamela Walker on Organic Farming

Five years ago, Pamela Walker embarked on a lengthy book project, traveling the state of Texas to interview and profile eleven viable commercial organic farmers and ranchers.

In a recent interview with Howard Garrett "The Dirt Doctor," Walker discusses why she wrote Growing Good Things to Eat in Texas: Profiles of Organic Farmers and Ranchers Across the State and why she thinks Texans should support local agriculture.

An excerpt:

“All too often I would hear, ‘the kind of farmers you’re looking for don’t exist. Maybe you can find some hobby growers. Maybe you can find some gardeners. You’re not going to find people who make a living in small farming. It just doesn’t happen anymore.’ I knew that wasn’t true. I knew from my travels and from my research here in Texas that there are plenty of them.

"I decided we need to make them more visible. . . That was the beginning of the idea for the book.”

Listen to the interview here.

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