Friday, September 18, 2009

Bryan Carlile Discusses Ike Aftermath on KTRK

Tim Heller, chief meteorologist for Houston-based KTRK recently sat down with Bryan Carlile, author of After Ike: Aerial Views from the No-Fly Zone to discuss the immense devastation he witnessed in the wake of the Category 4 storm, one year ago.

In the interview, Carlile speaks candidly about the shock he felt upon seeing the storm's impact on the coast, the striking images he captured, and his thoughts on ongoing recovery efforts.

An excerpt:

"I saw this lone child's toy in what was left of obliterated homes along the coastline of Bolivar. And, it just. . . it hit me . . . I was no longer doing a job, and I felt it emotionally. And, I went, my gosh, these are the remants of somebody's life, and it's there on the beach."

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