Thursday, May 28, 2015

Does the History Channel's Texas Rising Miniseries Leave You Wanting More? Save 25% on Definitive Narrative of Texas Revolution

In 1836, west of the Mississippi was considered the Wild West, and the Texas frontier was viewed as hell on earth. Crushed from the outside by Mexican armadas and attacked from within by ferocious Comanche tribes, no one was safe.

Credit: History Channel
Credit: History Channel
The History Channel’s Texas Rising, a 10-hour event series airing this week and starring headliners such as Bill Paxton, Brendan Frazier, and Ray Liotta, dramatizes events following the Alamo’s fall. The series premiered Memorial Day to 4.1 million viewers.

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Credit: History Channel

For a more detailed narrative and analysis of the aftermath of the Alamo politically and militarily, check out Lone Star Rising: The Revolutionary Birth of the Texas Republic by William C. Davis. Use code 25A to purchase the book on the Texas A&M University Press website ( or call toll-free 800-826-8911 for a limited-time 25% discount.

First published in hardback in 2004 by Texas A&M University Press, Davis etches the characters of Sam Houston, Stephen F. Austin, and General Santa Anna – and the cultures they represented – in sharp and very human relief, as they carved out the republic whose Lone Star rose in 1836 and changed the course of a continent.

Davis, author of more than 40 books including Three Roads to the Alamo, is professor of history and director of programs for the Virginia Center for Civil War Studies at Virginia Tech.

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