Tuesday, June 18, 2013

For a Limited Time, Chimney Swifts book only $5

Georgean and Paul Kyle, Austin store owners who sell their own exquisitely designed, handmade toys, have also committed to being protectors and preservers of chimney swifts. Chimney Swifts, birds that nest and roost in chimneys, have been historically abundant in North America. It wasn’t until the late 1980s that there was a large decline in the number of the birds.

The Kyles’ eight-acre homestead has become a world-renowned Chimney Swift sanctuary and research station, with more than a dozen Chimney Swift towers of various designs located throughout their property. The swifts return each spring to many of these towers, where they rear their young and where their home life is observed and recorded in previously undocumented detail.

The Kyles have authored two books, Chimney Swifts: America’s Mysterious Birds above the Fireplace (TAMU Press, 2005) and Chimney Swift Towers: New Habitat for America’s Mysterious Birds (TAMU Press, 2005). For a limited time, Chimney Swifts in paperback is only $5.00, while supplies last. Chimney Swift Towers in cloth is only $8.00, while supplies last.

--Madeline Loving

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