Friday, May 24, 2013

Walking Tour of Sculptor Lawrence M. Ludtke Artwork on TAMU Campus

TAMU Press recently published a biography entitled Life in Bronze: Lawrence M. Ludtke, Sculptor by Amy L. Bacon, featuring the works and artistry of Lawrence M. Ludtke (1929-2007) of Houston, Texas. A disciple of Classical sculpture and former Texas A&M student, Lawrence M. Ludtke created several sculptures that can be found on campus today. A few of the other places Ludtke’s works  can be found include the United States Air Force Academy, John Hopkins Medical School, Rice University, the CIA Headquarters, and the Pentagon.

In conjunction with Muster, Life in Bronze was launched and in April 2013 a Muster Day campus Walking Tour was held on campus, featuring the sculptures of Lawrence M. Ludtke. The Texas A&M University sculptures created by Ludtke include the following:

1.      Probably the most recognizable and popular sculpture on campus, James Earl Rudder is located next to the Rudder Building in the center of campus. Rudder was the sixteenth president of Texas A&M University, and helped to usher in the university's acceptance of women into the College. With a distinguished military career as well, he is known for leading the charge up the cliffs of Normandy during WWII.

2.      Located next to the Langford Architecture Building on the south side of campus, Arch 406 is a sculpture depicting a boy and his dog. Shaded by nearby trees, it was presented to the University by Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hiram Moore in memory of their son. Arch 406 is an academic class listing in the College of Architecture.

3.      Danger 79er, 1999 is a life-sized sculpture of Lt. Gen James F Hollingsworth, the most decorated general officer of Texas A&M University history, shown in his Vietnam-era uniform. This famous Ludtke sculpture can be found in the Corps center, close to Duncan Dining Hall.

 --Madeline Loving

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