Friday, April 19, 2013

Softly Call the Muster

One of the oldest and most honored traditions of Texas A&M, Aggie Muster is a time to honor all those who have lived and served under the Aggie name. Always held on April 21st, the same day as Texas independence, this year it will fall on a Sunday. From the TAMU Muster website:

“Muster is a time to look to the past, present, and future…not only to grieve but to reflect and to celebrate the lives that connect us to one another. A gesture so simple in nature yet so lasting in spirit, Muster is the lasting impression every Aggie leaves with us; it reminds us of the greatness that lies within these walls, of the loyalty we possess, of the connection that binds us, and of the idea that every Aggie has a place of importance – whether they are present in flesh or spirit.”

This year the speaker is Bill Jones, Class of ’81. Jones is currently Principal at The Jones Firm, practiced law in Houston for fifteen (15) years in a litigation practice, including trial and appellate work in state and federal courts of all levels involving complex business litigation.  Jones also served as General Counsel to the Office of the Governor of the State of Texas for Governor Rick Perry from December 2000 to November 2003.

You can read more about the speaker and the tradition of Aggie Muster by clicking on their website, here.

TAMU Press has published various books on the traditions and history of Aggieland. Softly Call the Muster: The Evolution of a Texas Aggie Tradition (TAMU Press, 1994) by John A. Adams, Jr., is a book dedicated specifically to exploring the deep history and meaning behind Aggie Muster. This book traces the evolution of Aggie Muster from its early roots to the modern-day observance. Through research and hundreds of interviews, John A. Adams, Jr. '73 has captured the essence and spirit of this honored Texas Aggie tradition.

Hope to see you at Aggie Muster this year!
--Madeline Loving

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