Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spring Break Reading List

With spring break just around the corner for many schools, what better way to spend the break than with a good book? Whether you are lying on the beach, tanning at the pool, road tripping to another town, or taking it easy at home, TAMU Press has a great selection from our Spring 2013 book season.
We’ve compiled a list of 5 favorites for you to dive into over the break, and we hope you find them just as fantastic as we do! 
Do you love wildlife, the outdoors, national parks, or traveling? Wildlife Watching in America’s National Parks hits all three interests and more. Authors Vequist and Licht, two veterans of the National Park Service, target 12 animals that have been imperiled and at risk, but are now protected within the National Park System. Showcasing one species for each month of the year, Vequist and Licht pair each species with a specific national park, and give detailed information about the animals’ habitat, where it can be found, and more information about other parks.

Plan on taking lots of memorable images over spring break? Photographing Big Bend National Park by Kathy Adams Clark is your complete guide, providing practical information for photographers of all skill levels. Frequent Big Bend traveler Clark offers this handy and beautiful guide, complete with striking images, to maximize the photographic experience of Big Bend National Park. Each chapter provides a tutorial on camera basics, as well as an excursion to well-known locations within the park.

Spring break is the perfect time for a road trip (it’s not too hot yet!), and History along the Way is the perfect accompaniment for a Texas road
trip. Authors Utley and Beeman recount the narratives behind and beyond more than 100 Texas roadside markers. This book gives readers an intriguing and expanded look at the details, challenges, and lives commemorated by the words cast in metal on these wayside markers scattered across the Lone Star landscape. Filled with helpful maps,
colorful photographs, and informative side bars, History Along the Way
is guaranteed to inform, amuse, and intrigue.

Although waterfowl hunting season is mostly over in Texas, it is never
too early to increase your knowledge for next year’s season! Practicing biologists Johnson and Lockwood have put together a beautifully illustrated guide that describes the life histories of 45 species of ducks, geese, and swans that live in Texas. They have included photographs, informative distribution maps, and a helpful source list to accompany species description. Birders, biologists, landowners, hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and all those interested in health and preservation of
coastal resources will enjoy and learn from this book.

For those of you more interested in biographies, politics, history, or the American presidents, The Leadership of George Bush – now available in paperback -- fits your interests. Author Roman Popadiuk served in the
Bush White House from 1989 to 1992 as deputy assistant to the
president and deputy press secretary for foreign affairs. He was closely involved in the day-to-day decisions made during the Bush
administration. Popadiuk examines the ways in which the personal leadership style of George Bush influenced the formation and execution
of policy in this important and influential volume.
--Madeline Loving

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