Friday, January 25, 2013

Repealing the 22nd Amendment?

New York Democratic Representative Jose Serrano reintroduced a bill in Congress that would repeal the 22nd Amendment. The 22nd Amendment places term limits on the U.S. presidency. This amendment to the Constitution would remove the limitation on the number of terms any U.S. president could serve.

Originally, Serrano introduced the bill as H. J. Res. 17 to Congress in January 2011. It did not make it to a floor vote.

The last and only president to serve more than two terms before the passing of the 22nd amendment was Franklin D. Roosevelt. He served well into his fourth term before passing away in 1945, right before the end of World War II. The 22nd Amendment was passed by Congress in 1947 and ratified in 1951.

What do you think? Do you think the U.S. Presidency benefits from having two term limits, or should the amendment be repealed and the president have the ability to be re-elected without limits?

TAMU Press author Michael J. Korzi has explored this controversial topic in his book, Presidential Term Limits in American History: Power, Principles, and Politics (TAMU Press, 2011). Korzi explores both the benefits and drawbacks of presidential term limits by comparing it to Franklin D. Roosevelt’s break in tradition. He also delves into a study of the 22nd Amendment—and America’s distrust of executive power that has existed since the colonial days.

To read more about Serrano’s proposal, click here.

--Madeline Loving

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