Thursday, August 25, 2011

Top Selling E-Books

You may have read our blog post in July discussing TAMU Press’s growing partnership with Google Books. We mentioned our top selling e-books and after the Press’s recent e-book report, Seeking Inalienable Rights, The Black Sun Caballero and Danger Close are still the most popular titles.

Our most popular selling e-book is Seeking Inalienable Rights by Debra A. Reid. In Seeking Inalienable Rights, Reid demonstrates that the history of Texans’ quests to secure inalienable rights and expand government-protected civil rights has been one of stops and starts, successes and failures, progress and retrenchment. Read more about the book here. Check out the e-version here!

In a close second for e-book sales is The Black Sun by Stanton Marlan. The black sun, an ages-old image of the darkness in individual lives and in life itself, has not been treated hospitably in the modern world. Modern psychology has seen darkness primarily as a negative force, something to move through and beyond, but it actually has an intrinsic importance to the human psyche. In this book, Jungian analyst Stanton Marlan reexamines the paradoxical image of the black sun and the meaning of darkness in Western culture. Read more here. Don’t forget to check out the e-version as well!

The third most popular e-book is Caballero by Jovita González and Eve Raleigh. Caballero is a milestone in Mexican-American and Texas literature written during the 1930s and 1940s, centering on a mid-nineteenth-century Mexican landowner and his family living in the heart of southern Texas during a time of tumultuous change. Order your own copy or buy the e-version now!

Another top seller, Danger Close by Steve Call, is a gripping first-hand account of Tactical Air Control Parties’s battlefield experiences. Danger Close makes clear that the systematic coordination of air power and ground forces played an invaluable supporting role in the initial military victories in both Afghanistan and Iraq. This first-ever examination of the intense, life-and-death world of the close air support specialist will introduce readers to a crucial but little-known aspect of contemporary warfare and add a needed chapter in American military history studies. See what readers are saying about Danger Close and order your own copy or e-version here!

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