Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Serious Tomato Problem!

What if your next tomato harvest produced 200 tomatoes?!

Cliff Shackelford, author of Hummingbirds of Texas has a serious problem with tomatoes! After reading a copy of The Texas Tomato Lovers Handbook (Texas A&M University Press), by Bill Adams, his kitchen is now over-run with homegrown tomatoes. Obviously, this is a VERY good problem to have!

Shackelford says:
". . . Holy smokes! They are juicy, tasty, and wonderful. We've enjoyed a lot of tomato sandwiches, fresh tomato sauce, Julie's homemade pico-de-gallo, and more. Because we cannot eat them all, a small sack-full can sure put a smile on the faces of friends."

Tomatoes from Cliff’s own kitchen. (His set of keys in the photo are merely to demonstrate that these are not little tomatoes.)

Looking to create your own “tomato problem?” Order your own copy of The Texas Tomato Lovers Handbook here!

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